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To provide an extensive range of Pokemon Cards at the best possible prices!


At Cards By Brammers, we work hard every day to source the cards that are needed by you, our loyal customers!

If you need old school WOTC cards to give you that hit of nostalgia, we have them!

If you need the latest playable cards to compete in tournaments, we have them!

If you need codes to open online booster packs, guess what... we have them!


We love coming to work to put together complete sets, help fill gaps in your collections and provide you with the latest trainer playsets so that you can take down your local league!

We are also passionate collectors, our knowledge of Pokemon Cards is vast, if you ever have any questions, feel free to get in touch.



We will buy your unwanted cards and offer you cash or store credit! 

Commons/Uncommons 1.5c

Rares 5c

Reverse Holos 7c

Rare Holos 12c

Codes 10c (some sets vary)

Ultra Rares are priced at TNT unconverted -35%

Bulk must be sorted into sets and rarity, an admin fee will be charged for unsorted bulk.