How hard is it to complete the new Japanese Pokemon Card set Shiny GX? The Mathematical answer!

Author: Stephen 'Brammers' Bramley   Date Posted:29 December 2018 

How hard is it to complete the new Japanese Pokemon TCG set Shiny GX?

by Stephen 'Brammers' Bramley | Dec 29, 2018 


It's quite simple, 100 Secret Rares = VERY HARD to complete!

I remember the days of XY sets, a few boxes and a couple of trades and hey presto....



Shiny GX (SM8b) is a different animal! Lets break it down:

  • 150 normal cards 
  • 125 shattered holos
  • 100 secret rares
  • Most boxes (10 packs) give you 3 secret rares

Here's a delightful spread of some of the best! You'll notice fan favourites like Charizard, Mewtwo, Rayquaza and plenty of 'Eeveelutions'.


Some boxes actually give you 4 secret rares, it's nice when it happens but don't expect it all the time!


Working on the assumption we get 3 secret rares in 9 out 10 boxes, and 4 secret rares in the 10th box we can estimate that we get 31 secret rares per 10 boxes.


Thats 3.1 secret rare per box on average.


150 secret rares / 3.1 = 48.3870968


This means 49 boxes (490 packs) will get you enough secret rares and definely enough shattered holos and normal cards.




You WILL have some duplicates so this assumes that you are very well connected in the pokemon community and can trade your doubles to get the complete set!


There you have it, 49 boxes! jeeeeeez!


We are opening boxes all the time within our community, if you want to split a box with fellow pokemon lovers, follow the following link to enter one of our 'BREAKS':


Or if you want to BUY YOUR OWN BOX you can do so on my website:


Thanks for reading my Blog, please feel free to comment and review!

May the Pokegods be in your favour!


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Great Blog!

By: on 29 December 2018
Thanks for the Advice, great Blog, can’t wait to start this collection

My personal Experience with the beast SM8b

By: on 29 December 2018
So I think there’s 377 Cards total. Every box you’re Gauranteed at least 3. No matter what. 1 Gauranteed FULL ART GX SSR, and then either 2 regular S, or a regular S and a full art supporter/Gold card. There’s only one master set I believe and it took over 80 boxes to complete. As some shatters ratios were like 1:30 packs. ( I believe it sold for around $5000 US ) There is a very rare chance to get a 4 hit box. I’ve only ever gotten one and I got 3 regular S cards and a full art GX. Most of the time you can get 2 hits in 1 pack which gives the box a high chance of a gold card. However I’ve opened around 17 boxes ( including the live breaks with you ) and I’m only missing 40 secrets. Idk if I’m just lucky or not but getting the secrets is hard but not very. The hardest part will be the shatters as the mass produced and less rare ones like Zorua shatter are almost in every single box.


By: on 29 December 2018
Crazy Numbers!

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