How to turn your Pokemon Trading Card Game CODES into CASH (or store credit)

Author: Stephen 'Brammers' Bramley   Date Posted:19 March 2019 


It's super easy!

No need to spend money on postage!

No need to make that boring trip to your post office!


Just download the pokellector app on your smartphone using this link:


This allows you to quickly scan the codes, (it also doubles up as a kick ass collection tracker).

Just click the 3 lines at the top left.


Then click code scanner.


Then click the camera button at the top roght.


Once you have finished scanning click the email button.


Then send them over to and state wether you want paying into your paypal account or store credit! (miniumum of 36 of one set)


Prices are changing all the time but these are the current prices we are paying for codes:

Black and White sets - 10c

XY sets - 10c

SM Base set 10c

SM Guardians Rising - 25c

SM Burning Shadows - 10c

SM Shining Legends - 20c

SM Crimson Invasion - 10c

SM Ultra Prism - 20c

SM Forbidden Light - 10c

SM Celestial Storm - 10c

SM Dragon Majesty - 15c

SM Lost Thunder - 30c

SM Team Up - 30c

SM Unbroken Bonds - 20c

SM Unified Minds - 30c

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