You can now build your own live solo break consisting of what pokemon card sets you like

Author: Stephen 'Brammers' Bramley   Date Posted:20 March 2019 

Build your own break by downloading and editing the following excel spreadsheet:!ArjD0SdEOgQOhlOdulrPkZOPMf_K

If you are unable to, here's the cost per pack:

Primal Clash $2

Breakthrough $2

Breakpoint $2

Fates Collide $1.50

Steam Siege $1.50

Evolutions $2

Guardians Rising $2.65

Burning Shadows $3.60

Shining Legends $4.25

Crimson Invasion $2.90

Celestial Storm $3.60

Dragon Majesty $5

Lost Thunder $3.60

Team Up $3.60

How easy was that?



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